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Short Morning Meditation: Start your Day with Confidence

Listen to this video Short Morning Meditation to Start your Day with Confidence. When you wake up, just easily find the confidence to live the day with joy!

This is a relatively short guided meditation of about 7 minutes. Listening to it might boost your mood and let you leave your bed with joy and enthusiasm.

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Meditation script:

Take a deep breath, and release everything. You will enter this day with joy, confidence and serenity. The day which is starting, will be unique, will bring benefits and gifts, just for you.

You have never lived this day before. This is wonderful, and you don’t know yet all the wonders it is going to offer you. Today, open your eyes to the gifts of life, from the smallest things to the most important things. Keep breathing calmly at your own pace and connect with your soul. Your simple intention to focus on your soul is enough to achieve this goal. This time, that you are taking for yourself this morning, is a great gift that you give yourself.

You are now floating in a bubble of well-being where your inner joy can manifest freely. Take advantage of these few minutes, to let go of all your concerns, about the day ahead. You are confident, that you will do everything you need to do, easily and comfortably. You don’t need to worry about today. Visualize all these concerns flying away like little clouds over the horizon.

You are in the present moment, aware of what is going on within you, in your mind, but also in your heart. Your breath anchors you to the earth, but it is also your connection to the sky. Today you make the decision to be in perfect balance between material things and your spiritual connection. This day contains so many treasures and by these few moments of listening you allow yourself to receive them.

A powerful light energy is coming down from the sky to your head, pass through your whole body and gets to your feet. You now see your whole body shining; perhaps it even sparkles and contains thousands of glitters. This is all the light that you have within you and that will shine throughout the day. Taking these few moments to refocus you, you also allow others to benefit from all your inner light. All the people around you will receive this gift from you.

Now take the time to thank yourself for the time you have given yourself. Feel a new serenity within you, a sweet and joyful motivation to live this day full of gifts. Take a deep breath again and let go one last time.

You are now ready to start this day.