Anxious woman

Why am I Anxious?

I am not Anxious, I have just the ability to anticipate discomfort, misfortune, or adversity that has yet to happen. Sad, but true, right? Well, once you understand what anxiety really is, you are finally ready to ask the real question: Why am I anxious? In most cases, unlike stress, […]

mindful living

Mindful living: Quick Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness is about intentional living your life in the present (Mindful living). We should always want to feel things as if it were the first time. When I say feel, I mean using the 5 senses we have: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Doing some quick mindfulness exercises every […]

Caffeine Addiction Detox – How and Why Quit Coffee

We all have this preconceived notion that only coffee contains caffeine but that is not the case. Beverages like cokes and chocolate products contain caffeine. A hot cup of coffee with the morning sunshine sounds so tempting and revitalizing. Why would we ever quit coffee? Coffee is supposed to reduce […]

Hypnosis Weight Loss: What Is This?

Controlling your weight and avoiding weight gain as you get older are important ways to prevent a lot of weight-related health problems. We will analyze what Hypnosis can do for Weight Loss. Indeed, if you are more than 20 pounds over your ideal weight, you are at greater risk for […]

stress reducing diet

10 Healthy Foods for a Stress Reducing Diet

You might often be stressed out. As a consequence, the foods that you’re turning to are most likely going to be traditional ‘comfort’ foods – for instance, take-out, fatty foods, sweet foods, and alcohol. Let’s face it – we’ve all found some comfort in a tasty meal and a bottle […]

One Hour Relaxing Music with Onscreen Timer

We all know how difficult it is to get relaxed. We have prepared this one hour relaxing music video with a timer so that you can use it to focus on your inner soul. We have added a nice hypnotic background, where a lava lamp is looping warm bubbles around […]

short morning meditation

Short Morning Meditation: Start your Day with Confidence

Listen to this video Short Morning Meditation to Start your Day with Confidence. When you wake up, just easily find the confidence to live the day with joy! This is a relatively short guided meditation of about 7 minutes. Listening to it might boost your mood and let you leave […]

5 minutes meditation

5 Minute Guided MEDITATION for Anxiety – Emergency

Do you often feel stressed, anxious or panicked? We hope this Quick 5 minutes guided meditation for anxiety will be able to calm you and offer some relaxing moments when you have a crisis. Guided meditations are a way to release tension and stress, helped by a warm voice guide. […]

Guided Breathing exercise

Relaxing Breathing Exercise

Do you ever feel anxious or nervous? You are not alone, a lot of people have problems coping with stressful situations. One of the easiest solutions is to focus on your breath for some minutes. This will allow to empty your mind and achieve a peaceful state of mind. The […]