Best Mindfulness Apps for Teens and Adolescents in the Post-Pandemic Era

As we gradually emerge from the shadow of Covid-19, children and teenagers face an array of emotional challenges brought on by prolonged social distancing. With a pre-existing crisis in children’s mental health, the consequences of lockdown have only added to the stress. One effective way to equip children with coping […]

Meditation for beginners

Discover the Benefits of Meditation: 10 Essential Tips for Beginners

We live in a world where stress and anxiety are commonplace. We’re constantly bombarded by information and technology, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves. Thankfully, there are ways to help us manage this stress and anxiety. One of the most effective and ancient practices for achieving calm and […]

meditation app for beginners

Top 10 Best Meditation Apps for Beginners in 2023

There are many ways to start meditating, either in person by following a meditation course, or from your own place, using meditation tutorials or apps. In this article, we will have a look at Meditation Apps that you can install and use on your smartphone. There are many meditation apps […]

Guided Meditation for Porn Addiction

This is a guided Meditation to help you with Porn Addiction and nofap related problems. If you are feeling the urge or you are afraid you will be soon giving up to your determination to increase the quality of your life, find yourself a quiet place, sit down and relax. […]

Meditation time clock on stones

How Long should I Meditate each Day?

Meditation is a skill that needs practice. It is true that you should meditate every day, but it is difficult to say how long should you meditate each time. It mainly depends on the level of experience though. While you could start with just 5 minutes a day, to kickstart […]

Motivational meditation

5 Ways that Meditation can help Motivate You

May be you are struggling to get some motivation to start your day, or need to get help to face a difficult task. Here are five ways that meditation can help motivate you: Increases self-awareness: Meditation helps you become more self-aware, which can be a powerful motivator. When you have […]

How to Cope with War Anxiety in 2022

We have been through difficult years recently. After the pandemic, we are now living under the constant risk of War, either traditional or nuclear.  According to Wikipedia, War is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups. It is generally characterized by extreme violence, destruction, and mortality, […]

The Secret to Success in Life for Creatives

So, you want to know what is The Secret of Success in Life for Creatives. Let me tell you a story from many years ago. I was about 15 years old and I had been playing basketball in a small team for about 2 years. I loved Basketball, I watched […]

Can Mindfulness improve my sexual life?

Hi, sexual dysfunctions, or as we can also call them, problems in the bedroom, are pretty common. Studies estimate that sexual dysfunctions affect almost half of the women population and about one third of men. It is not a myth that women are finishing far less frequently than males. It  […]