Meditation techniques and relax

Can Mindfulness improve my sexual life?

Hi, sexual dysfunctions, or as we can also call them, problems in the bedroom, are pretty common. Studies estimate that sexual dysfunctions affect almost half of the women population and about one third of men. It is not a myth that women are finishing far less frequently than males. It  is a statistical truth..

Stress, anxiety, problems at work, multitasking, all kind of thoughts can get in the way of somebody’s sexual pleasure.

Dr Lori Brotto is a Psychologist  and author of the book – Better sex through mindfulness: How women can cultivate desire (2018). She is an expert in the relationship between sex and mindfulness.

According to her experience, women consistently report improved sexual desire and satisfaction after having followed mindfulness courses.

Being Mindful means being present, here and now, feeling the reality as it is, without any judgement.  

You can therefore understand where mindfulness can help.

Mindfulness exercises help you focus on what is surrounding you, observing what happens, feeling what you touch and what touches you, hearing voices and listening to them, so that next time you are in a bedroom sharing an intimate moment with your partner, you will be able to focus on the situation, on the skin to skin touch, on the voice of the partner, on his scent, on his hair caressing your body.

Sex is definitely not something you can do while multitasking.

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