Meditation techniques and relax
Anxious woman

Why am I Anxious?

I am not Anxious, I have just the ability to anticipate discomfort, misfortune, or adversity that has yet to happen. Sad, but true, right? Well, once you understand what anxiety really is, you are finally ready to ask the real question: Why am I anxious?

In most cases, unlike stress, people feel anxiety from situations that haven’t even occurred yet. What is really detrimental is not the uncertainty of the future, but rather the will to control it. We could actually just define Anxiety as the bad habit of trying to control what is going to happen.

It’s perfectly acceptable for us to feel anxious from time to time about uncertainties in our future. The real problem is feeling every day a constant level of anxiety. This can lead to elevated blood pressure, a weakened immune system, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders… and all kinds of phobias. Therefore We need to understand what is the cause of this bad habit.

Mindfulness Meditation can help with focusing our brain, our thoughts on the present moment. Once grounding happens, we can better judge if our worries have a solid base or are rather an exaggerated reaction to something which is not even likely to happen.

Once we realize that our desire to prevent bad surprises is impractical and detrimental to our health, we are going to finally be ready for more meditation exercises that will free us from Anxiety.

Do the 54321 Mindfulness Grounding Exercise to start your Mindfulness journey.