Meditation techniques and relax

One Hour Relaxing Music with Onscreen Timer

We all know how difficult it is to get relaxed. We have prepared this one hour relaxing music video with a timer so that you can use it to focus on your inner soul.

We have added a nice hypnotic background, where a lava lamp is looping warm bubbles around the screen, to help visualizing calm images.

The timer is most useful for massage therapists, so that they can keep track of the time during the massage session and use the music as relaxing background. The clients usually enjoy this kind of background music.

Anyway, everybody can just sit and enjoy the music just to support your daily meditation, either in the morning or in the evening. Remember that meditation is an exclusive activity: do not do other things while meditating as it could be dangerous.

If you are just feeling stressed, and do not have time to listen to our one hour relaxing music, you could use our breathing exercise to be calm and avoid anxiety.

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Happy Day:-)