Meditation techniques and relax
Guided Breathing exercise

Relaxing Breathing Exercise

Do you ever feel anxious or nervous? You are not alone, a lot of people have problems coping with stressful situations. One of the easiest solutions is to focus on your breath for some minutes. This will allow to empty your mind and achieve a peaceful state of mind.

The 7-4-7 exercise is here to help you. Follow the instructions given in the video below for ten minutes to learn it quickly.

Sorry we did not tell you everything.. do you feel in need of a cold beer?

You can do this exercise as many times as you need. Visualize the air filling and then leaving your lungs. Fill it in your throat as it passes by. Let your thoughts pass through your mind and let them go as they come. Do not push them back.

The Breathing exercise method 4-4-7 guided by an onscreen timer will last 10 minutes: follow the beer and you will feel less stressed and more calm and relaxed at the end. This relaxation exercise will help you against Panic and Stress. Follow the timer to get better. Controlling the rhythm of your breathe can allow you to stop panic attacks, when you feel your breath frequency is too high.

Safety instructions for the breathing exercise

The 4-4-7 breathing exercises can have strong effects on your body. It is better to perform this exercise in a safe environment, sitting on a chair or lying down on the floor or bed. We do not advise to do it while in the ice as Wim Hof 😉 Do not start this exercise if you are doing other activities. My personal advise is to perform it in an exclusive way. This will allow to focus on your body and your sensations.

Try not to put too much effort in the breathing as it could cause ringing in the ears and faintness.